At Adamya Herbal care , we believe that partnerships are crucial to achieving our mission of advancing healthcare innovation through herbal medicine. We are committed to building strong, long-term partnerships with a diverse range of organizations, including research institutions, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Our partnerships are grounded in shared values and a commitment to developing innovative solutions that benefit patients and society. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we aim to leverage our expertise in herbal medicine and healthcare innovation to develop products and services that address unmet medical needs.


As a healthcare startup engaged in innovating research-driven herbal Ayurvedic medicines, we are committed to making our products accessible to patients worldwide. To achieve this, we are open to out-licensing opportunities that enable us to bring our products to new markets and expand our reach.

Our out-licensing strategy is focused on building strong relationships with partners who share our commitment to advancing healthcare innovation through herbal medicine. We offer a range of licensing opportunities, including exclusive and non-exclusive licensing agreements, and are open to exploring innovative partnership models that support our mission.

If you are interested in exploring out-licensing opportunities  with Adamya Herbal Care , we invite you to get in touch  with us to discuss how we can collaborate to bring the benefits of herbal medicine to patients worldwide. To contact please email us at